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Resident Visits Country of Origin and Credits Care Home for His Journey

It was a dream come true for a resident at an Aylesbury home as he was able to visit the country of his origin.

Joao Lima moved into MHA Hillside in 2018 and always spoke about wanting to go back to Portugal, the country of his birth.

His dream finally came true as he went back to Portugal, more than 20 years after leaving the country.

He was supported throughout the journey by the admin staff at the home who helped arrange a citizen card and passport for him.

He spent seven days in Portugal, staying with family and visiting the places where he spent his childhood.

Speaking after coming back home he said: “My trip was tiring but I was happy to travel because I wanted to see my country, my town and the places that I know.

“There were loads of new people in Portugal and to my surprise, lots of different nationalities living and working there.

“The weather was drizzling in the morning, sunshine by midday and the night was mild.

“I was fortunate to see my sister-in-law and stay with her for almost 7 days with a bed and food.

“Unfortunately, my medication finished so I needed to come back, but I had missed everyone here.

“To my surprise, Hillside was in the same place!

“I was glad to return and very happy to see everyone again, not just Hillside residents and staff, but my friends also.”

Bilgy Joseph, deputy manager said: “I am so happy that we could support Mr. Lima to make his dream come true.

“It was a difficult journey to get all the needed documents for his trip but Leanne, our admin manager has gone above and beyond to obtain all the necessary documents for Mr Lima’s trip, so it had a happy ending”