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Reigate Beaumont Makes Resident’s Wish Come True

Residents, Joe and Carol at Reigate Beaumont had always wanted to return to Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium, so staff at the home made their wish a reality proving the old adage, it’s never too late.

Both Joe and Carol have been living at Reigate Beaumont for quite some time and staff learned of their love of greyhounds and their connection to Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium. Joe and Carol had raced many a greyhound there and Joe’s favourite greyhound, Roughbeech Billy had won over 20 races and holds many special memories for them there. They also had other greyhounds named: RoughBeech Meg and Lettingzone Zoe which also did extremely well at the races.

Staff at the home were delighted to be able to make their dream come true, as they knew how much it meant to them. A trip to Brighton & Hove Greyhound Stadium was arranged and Joe in particular was overwhelmed when boarding the mini-bus and was smiling from ear to ear. Joe & Carol were joined by their son Mark and he was very moved for making this trip possible.

When arriving at the stadium, Joe said: “I never in a million years thought I would be back here. Watching the races and just reliving the experience again. I can’t thank you enough”.

Pramojil Kurian, General Manager at the home, said: “Creating these kind of experiences for our residents is part of our Life Enrichment programme. We are so pleased to have made this experience possible for them, especially doing something that meant so much to them for such a long time”.














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