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Queens Speech-A Missed Opportunity for Social Care says Care England

Care England has expressed disappointment at the failure to mention social care in the Queen’s Speech is a clear indication that social care does not have a high enough priority in the Government’s agenda. Social care can be an important mechanism to deliver, both economic regeneration and levelling up. Care England believes that the Government needs to connect its various strategies and social care should be a theme that runs through the Government’s agenda for recovery.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says:

“The Queen’s Speech was an opportunity for the Government to set out the plan for further Social Care Reform, and to offer additional resources for a sector that needs further Government support in order to build back sustainability and capacity after the Covid pandemic. The lack of mention or reference to adult social care in this year’s State Opening of Parliament leaves a bitter taste for the care sector. The Government has set out its plan to fix social care, but with no mention of continued reform or additional financial support for adult social care, the Government has turned its back on a sector it promised in their manifesto. By failing to directly commit to supporting the sector, care providers are left unsure of how they will manage this current wave of inflation and additional pressures they are under, whilst the NHS will continue to suffer.”

The State Opening of Parliament was delivered today with a focus on the Government’s priorities for the new session, including the reform of mental health legislation, banning conversion therapy and unpaid carer’s leave.

Martin Green continues:
“Government has overlooked an opportunity to invest in the future sustainability of the sector which supports some of society’s most vulnerable. The current plan for reform leaves care providers unsure of the financial security of their sector. Adult social care must return to the Government’s policy agenda to renew its commitments to ‘fix social care’. If this is not achieved, then the Government risks allowing the care sector to continue to walk precariously into a future at risk of collapse.”


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