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Pulling Pints In Memory Of Barbara Windsor

Residents at a Wellington care home have voted to name their new pub bar The Windsor Arms in memory of actress Barbara Windsor who died last week. 

Richard Dempslake, activities co-ordinator for Camelot House and Lodge, said: “Our residents loved Barbara as the bubbly star of Carry On films and the outspoken Eastenders lady at The Queen Vic, and were really enthusiastic about memorialising her in this way.”  

The pub bar – created by Camelot House’s maintenance man Wally Perlik – had only just been completed when Dame Barbara passed on. It was originally to be named The Welcome Inn but residents voted to remember the actress by naming the bar for her instead.  

Local businesses have made generous donations to help create an authentic atmosphere, including Sheppy Cider and the home’s local pub Blackbird Inn, who donated glasses, table runners, beer mats and cider. 

Camelot House and Lodge provides specialist care for people living with dementia, a condition which also affected Dame Barbara who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014 and campaigned to raise awareness of the disease in her later years.  

Her husband Scott Mitchell said: “Barbara’s final weeks were typical of how she lived her life. Full of humour, drama and a fighting spirit until the end.  

“It was not the ending that Barbara or anyone else living with this very cruel disease deserves. I will always be immensely proud of Barbara’s courage, dignity and generosity dealing with her own illness and still trying to help others by raising awareness for as long as she could.” 

Scott Mitchell has called for greater government funding for research into Alzheimer’s and dementia, and care for those with the conditions.











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