Public Health Minister To Speak At The Care England Conference

Care England is pleased to confirm that Jane Ellison MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, has accepted an invitation to address the Care England 2015 Conference. This year’s event has the title ‘What’s New? A Year of Change’ and will give Jane Ellison a platform to present her vision for improving the care of long term conditions to an audience of high level care providers.

Other influential speakers have already confirmed their presence at the conference which will take place on Thursday, 12 November, at the Church House Conference Centre in Westminster. These include Dr Jane Martin, Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Clive Bowman, the distinguished consultant physician and gerontologist, and Ian Smith, Four Seasons Chairman, who will deliver the provider’s perspective on the impact of recent changes in the sector and the challenges for the future.

Continuing the provision of quality care

Care England Chief Executive, Professor Martin Green said, ‘We have recently set out our own five year vision for the independent social care sector and outlined the key contributions needed from the Government and others to enable progress. We welcome the opportunity to hear directly from Jane Ellison and the other distinguished speakers how they can help to ensure that the continuing provision of quality care remains achievable in the coming year and beyond.’

All providers, not just Care England members, are welcome to attend this event which also features an exhibition and seminars from leading sector product and service suppliers.

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