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Proud Mum Jean Welcomes Newlyweds to Care Home Garden

Family care home connections guided the progress of a happy wedding day in the New Forest.

As soon as they tied the knot at Ringwood registry office, Stuart and Hannah Judd drove straight to Colten Care’s Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst.

The trip meant they could spend time in the garden with Stuart’s mum Jean, a resident at the Outstanding-rated home.

Because of Covid restrictions, Jean was unable to attend the ceremony but enjoyed dressing up for the newlyweds’ visit to see her and show off their wedding attire.

After they had decorated the home’s arched wooden gazebo with flowers, lights and drapes, team members served champagne all round to mark the happy couple’s arrival.

Woodpeckers’ Companionship Team Leader Jane Bunker said: “Jean was delighted to be involved in person. It was a moment of great pride for her to see her son and his beautiful bride.”

Train driver Stuart and Hannah, a chef at Colten Care’s Court Lodge home in Lymington, had known each other in the past and reconnected when Hannah was commissioned to make a cake for Stuart’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

The pair had originally planned to marry a year ago with a bigger ceremony and reception.

Having postponed their special day due to the pandemic they chose exactly the same date this year to finally go ahead.

Another family connection with Colten Care is that Stuart’s daughter Suzy Judd, Jean’s granddaughter, works as a healthcare assistant at Woodpeckers.

And Hannah’s mum Janet also came to Woodpeckers recently for a respite stay before returning home.

Jane added: “This was a wedding party that didn’t need to worry about a cake. With Hannah being a professional chef at Court Lodge, she was only too pleased to make her own wedding cake. Everyone declared it to be delicious.”


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