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Primary School Children Resume Pre Covid-Tradition with North Yorkshire Care Home Visit

The Hall residential care home in Thornton-le-Dale welcomed back local school children for their first visit in almost two years.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, residents at The Hall enjoyed regular visits from children at the Thornton-le-Dale Church of England Primary School. The visits were famed for their joyous activities and interactive game playing. Sadly, the COVID restrictions stopped the visits.

With the recent relaxation in COVID regulations, came a revival of the relationship with the school. Now nearly three years older, the children are re-kindling friendships with the residents at The Hall.
The reunion has provided an opportunity for residents to catch up with the pupils and hear stories of what’s been happening at the school over the last couple years. The thrill of the December visit was the chance for the children to sing their Christmas carols and enjoy hot chocolate with residents.

Diane Hagan, manager at The Hall said:
“It was great to welcome back the children. These visits show us how important it is to maintain regular inter-generational activities and close friendships with everyone at the school.

“The children were excited to see their photos on the walls of The Hall. These are photographs taken on previous visits when the children were playing games and sharing fun with the residents. Everyone was remarking on how much the kids have grown.”

Mrs Joyce Allen, a resident at the Hall remarked “It was so lovely to see the kids again, they always bring great joy to everyone and good grief how they have grown!”

Mrs White, Year 4 Group Teacher, who had not visited before, said “What a beautiful place The Hall is and how warm and welcoming your residents are.”