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Prevent 55% of Night-Time Falls with Ally

Ally, an AI-powered resident monitoring system is revolutionising night-time care with its immediate advantages for care home owners, staff, and residents.

Ally uses a wall-mounted sensor, easily retrofitted into rooms which send alerts to the Ally app. The AI processes sound and motion signals to notify staff when attention is required, for example if resident’s call out in pain, panic, or are moving. The result is enhanced safety, reduced disruptive checks, and improved sleep and well-being for residents.

In collaboration with NHS Digital, ICB’s and customer feedback, Ally demonstrates remarkable results:
• 40% increase in night staff efficiency
• 55% reduction in resident falls
• 20% drop in hospital visits

This leads to a substantial 9x return on investment, primarily achieved by affording staff more time for personalised care.

Customer testimonials echo Ally’s transformative impact:
“Ally’s Resident Monitor solution exemplifies how technology can deliver personalised remote monitoring that is proactive rather than reactive to incidents, ultimately enhancing the well-being of residents.” Melanie Dawson, Home Manager at The Lawns

“The first indicator of a resident who contracted Covid was Ally picked up that she was coughing a lot in the night. She still had Covid, we still had to manage that situation, but because we were aware of it a little bit earlier, it helped us to feel more in control of the situation.” Robin Hall at Oaklands Care Home

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recognises Ally’s positive impact on care stating in their State of Health Care and Adult Social Care in England 2016/17 report “Acoustic monitoring enabled staff to respond more promptly and appropriately to people’s support needs during the night.”

Ally enhances care outcomes but also positions care homes using this as preferred choices for new admissions and staff. Join the revolution in night-time care, visit and follow us on LinkedIn at