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Pensioner Play Dates Bring Intergenerational Joy – Toddlers from Local Nursery Visit Edinburgh Care Home

INTERGENERATIONAL visits at an Edinburgh care home have brought some of the city’s oldest and youngest residents together.

A group of toddlers aged between three and five from Cramond Early Learning and Childcare visited residents at Cramond Residence for a day of activities and games, including art and craft projects and singing nursery rhymes.

Since opening in 2018, the home has worked to integrate younger and older generations. The benefits are endless – it reduces social isolation, loneliness and helps residents reminisce about their own childhoods.

Lorraine Mossie, Manager of Cramond Early Learning and Childcare said:
“Once the ice had been broken between the children and residents, there was no stopping the fun!

“We’ve had amazing feedback from both the children and their families about our visit. The children were so excited to share their stories with their peers at nursery and with their families at home.

“We feel very passionately about intergenerational working in Cramond Early Learning and Childcare as it helps build confidence, challenges prejudices and assumptions.”

Cramond Residence prides itself on the vast array of activities offered to residents on a daily basis, with the visit from Cramond Early Learning and Childcare being one of the latest additions to the home’s bustling monthly rota.

Christian Daraio, Client Liaison Manager and registered nurse at the 74-bedroom care home, said:
“The residents were very enthusiastic about the visit as they always look forward to interacting with young people – especially where singing or music is involved!

“Activities included lots of games with tennis rackets, bubbles, drawing and balloons, as well as both generations singing nursery rhymes together – it was really lovely to see. Almost 30 eager residents took part in the activities, each excited to spend some quality time with the youngsters.

“Relationships between young people and our older residents help to bring a new energy to the day.”

The visit follows recent company from Cargilfield School, Fettes College and Holyrood High School. The partnerships have enabled a host of students of all ages to visit the home, as well as providing the pupils with volunteering opportunities.

Christian continued: “These sorts of intergenerational activities allow our residents to appreciate the simple joys of seeing children and young people playing and performing, which promotes a positive mindset and most importantly, it’s great fun for everyone involved!

“We’re looking to continue regular visits from the nursery, alongside our existing relationships with other local schools.”





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