Painting a Picture of Spring

Talented resident at local care home paints watercolour as a gift for fellow residents

A talented gentleman at a local care home has used his painting skills to create a gift for his fellow residents and staff.

Gordon, a former resident at The Gables in Middlesbrough, took to his watercolours to create a gift to be enjoyed by fellow residents and staff. The popular resident wanted to create a gift like no other, and his painting of The Gables’ garden sure did that.

Eighty-eight year old Gordon resided at The Gables for a few months, and in that time continued to enjoy making the most of his artistic talents.  Gordon, who has lived in the Middlesbrough area all his life, has painted since he was a young boy and has displayed his work at a number of art shows.

Gordon said: “I’ve always painted and it’s something I still enjoy doing today. I thought a gift to the residents would not only be a way for me to be doing something I love, but also give back to the care home.. I just hope they like it!”

Care Home Manager, Jacqueline Pallister said: “The painting is much appreciated and had been admired by residents, staff and even family members who have noticed it on visits.

“It is wonderful to see view of the The Gables’ garden from Gordon’s bedroom window captured so beautifully, and the painting brings a real feeling of spring optimism into the home.

“We were very proud of Gordon’s talent, and he has been an inspiration to all of the staff and residents here. We aim to make sure that all of our residents have the opportunity to make the most of their talents, and also to discover skills they didn’t know they had by trying something new.”

Gordon is a keen member of the Leven Art Society and has plans to continue enjoying art for many years to come.