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Paignton Care Home Resident Celebrates His Love For History With A Second Wartime Trip

Greg Field, a 62-year-old resident of Warwick House in Paignton, part of Salutem Care and Education, has recently returned from his second holiday visiting historic wartime sites, further fuelling his passion for World War II.

This trip included a meaningful visit to the WWII museums in Dunkirk, France, coinciding with the year of the 80th anniversary of the historic Dunkirk evacuation. It follows on from his visit to Normandy in 2023.

After spending more than three decades in hospital care, Greg, who lives with autism and Williams Syndrome, has embraced opportunities for new experiences since moving to Warwick House in 2020. The residential care home, known for its vibrant atmosphere, supports adults with various needs to enjoy active and fulfilling lifestyles.

This year’s adventure led Greg to Dunkirk, where he explored the museums, deepening his understanding of significant wartime events. He also extended his journey to Belgium, visiting Saint Bavo’s Cathedral and experiencing the charm of Ghent and Brugge. Not to miss the local delights, Greg enjoyed sampling traditional Belgian chocolate waffles.

Caroline Wallace, Manager at Warwick House, said:
“It’s truly inspiring to see Greg thrive and pursue his interests with such enthusiasm. His journeys enrich his life immensely and exemplify our commitment to supporting our residents in living life to the fullest.”

Ewa Sosnowski, Greg’s dedicated key worker, who accompanied him on the trip added, “Greg’s transformation since his move to Warwick House has been incredible. He’s not only developing a deep appreciation for history but also gaining a newfound sense of independence and confidence. We’re all eagerly looking forward to the next journey he’s planning, in Scotland.”

Greg’s travels highlight the importance of personalised support and the positive impact of enabling individuals with complex needs to explore their passions and engage with the world around them





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