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Oxford Care Home Creates Classic Seaside Mural Featuring Familiar Faces in the Form of Staff Members

An Oxford care home has renovated an entire corridor and turned it into a beautiful seaside themed mural.

MHA Brookfield decided to add some life and colour to a corridor wall by painting a seaside theme mural.

The paintings include a fish and chip shop, a sweet shop, a train carriage, an ice cream shop, and plenty more.

The best part of the mural is that the characters posing as shop owners and ticket officers are staff members who work at the home.

The home is known for creating artistic displays and previously created a very successful calendar by getting residents to pose and replicate famous paintings from years gone by.

Victoria Davidson, activity coordinator said:
“The mural took around 2 years to complete as we kept adding to it.

“A lot of the credit must go to our chaplain Jane who is by far the better artist out of us two.

“She painted the staff members, and the likeness is so good.

“The residents have really enjoyed watching it come together and because of the paintings on the wall they can identify where their room is.

“Initially there were no characters planned, however once me and Sally, our other reactivity coordinator, discussed it with staff members they were really up for it and I think they enjoyed it.

“The mural was definitely the talk of the home, and it became something that uplifted the staff members.

“Whenever we do an activity that involves art or some form of creativity, I put the final form on the walls to showcase the talent our residents have.

“It’s been a very enjoyable task and seeing it come to life as time has progressed has been worth it.”