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Oxford Based Care Home Produces 3D Queen Figure Ahead of Jubilee Preparations

An Oxford based care home has been getting stuck into preparing for the Queen’s Jubilee, by making their own Queen.

Residents at MHA Brookfield have been getting creative and made their own version of the Queen, with cardboard tubes.

They have been busy painting and decorating the life size figure and even attached some flowers to the hat to replicate the Queen’s fashion sense.

The home, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care for 66 residents, has placed the figure in the reception area which is accompanied by a corgi and donkey.

Victoria Davidson, activity coordinator said:

“Like the whole country we here at MHA Brookfield are patiently waiting for the Jubilee and wanted to do something we can all contribute to.

“Initially we were thinking of buying a cut out, but they are very expensive and that’s when we decided to see what we can do with the stuff we already have.

“Everything we used was either donated to us or we made the most of items that we have used previously, like for example the items used to make the body.

“Previously we used the same cardboard tubes to make a Christmas nutcracker so we do try and utilise the items we have to maximise the usage.

“In total it took us a couple of afternoons to complete the figure and I am very impressed with the way residents got stuck in.

“The lilac paint was donated to us so that’s why we decided to stick to the lilac theme.

“The residents have really enjoyed making the figure and are very pleased with the outcome, just like the rest of us.”











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