Only Three Per Cent Of Health Leaders Think Budget Will Make Big Improvement, NHS Confederation Finds

Just three per cent of health leaders think last week’s Budget will make a big improvement to their organisation’s ability to provide good care.

The NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare system, polled its members and received responses from 107 health leaders.

They were asked the question: “How much of a difference will today’s Budget make to your organisation’s ability to give good care?”

Half answered ‘small improvement’, 47 per cent ‘no improvement’ and three per cent ‘big improvement’.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, said:

“The fact that nearly every senior leader in the NHS felt that the Budget will make little or no difference says it all. We gathered together the largest coalition of doctors, patients, carers, voluntary groups as well as our NHS organisations and social care partners  to plead with the Chancellor to take a bold step – no such step was taken.

“History tells us that the NHS needs around four per cent a year above inflation just to keep up with demographic and technological demand. Today we are facing major challenges in both of these areas. 

“The government is now planning around 1.4 per cent on the NHS in England, with a promise to meet any additional cost pressures caused by lifting the pay cap for nursing and other support staff.

“Health ministers and NHS England officials also did their best to make the case to the Treasury but with limited success. The lack of  adequate funding for both health and social care remains one of the great social issues of this time – and patients and those who rely on social care are suffering every day as a result.

“We cannot go on staggering from year to year. We need a grown up and honest debate about the long-term funding needs of both the NHS and social care.”









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