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Oktoberfest Celebrations At Huyton Care Home

Keeping up with this year’s theme days, HC-One’s Moss View care home in Liverpool, Merseyside enjoyed a German theme day with their own Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is a folk festival held annually in Germany for just over two weeks. Around six million people around the world attend every year; but this year, Oktoberfest came to care homes across HC-One.

Both units at Moss View looked fabulous with German themed decorations, residents enjoyed watching them go up.

residents and colleagues enjoyed tasting some German smoked cheese, Bratwurst sausages, German salami and pretzels. All washed down with some German beer and wine.

Everyone then listened to some Bavarian music and sang along to Mario Lanza songs

Residents enjoyed getting their photographs taken with the German photo props and were laughing when they saw themselves, see pictures. They all found it quite amusing. Joan enjoyed getting dressed up as a Bavarian barmaid and said, “I haven’t had a figure like this since I was young!”

Resident Ron joked about seeing all the German flags and said, “I thought we won the war?”

Janet, after seeing her photograph in plaits and the Bavarian barmaid outfit, said, “I don’t look bad for someone who is over 80.”

Carer Sue, commented on how much the Residents had enjoyed the day, “It has kept spirits high for everyone!”

Janet, one of the Residents asked what the next theme day was and when was it (as it will be her birthday at the end of next November). So, the home is having a French day around Janet’s birthday: to which she was very pleased.