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Nutritional Drink Trialled In People With Mild Memory Problems

Alzheimers-Research-UK-logoResearchers at a conference in Athens have announced findings from a clinical trial investigating the effects of the nutritional drink, Souvenaid on people with memory and thinking problems not severe enough to be dementia.

Dr Rosa Sancho, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:

“We know that a healthy, balanced diet can be important for reducing the risk of dementia. This nutritional drink aims to supplement a person’s intake of certain nutrients that could help keep connections between nerve cells in the brain healthy, but previous trials of this product in people with Alzheimer’s have had mixed results.

“Today’s announcement is from a trial of Souvenaid in people with very mild memory problems, which are not severe enough to be considered dementia. While the initial results seem to suggest those using the drink may have reduced brain shrinkage, the product didn’t show an overall benefit on memory and thinking, which was the primary goal. These preliminary results are interesting, but we will need to see the full published trial data to gain a better understanding of the potential of this intervention.

“It’s important that people try to maintain a healthy balanced diet as they get older, particularly those who have dementia. Anyone concerned about their own diet, or that of a friend or relative with dementia, should talk to their doctor or nurse. As well as a balanced diet, current evidence suggests that the best way to maintain a healthy brain as we get older is to not smoke, keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check, only drink in moderation, and stay mentally and physically active.”

























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