Nutrition and Hydration Week 2024

Tea Parties, Webinars And Focus Days See NH Week’s Legacy Grow To A Year Round Event

The latest Nutrition and Hydration Week will commence on Monday 11th March, and run through to Sunday 17th March.

Planning has taken place around the country in NHS Trusts and care homes with a view to holding events to promote their good practices and key messages on food and drink for those they care for. There are many others around the world also looking to take part especially around the Wednesday, 13th, when Afternoon Tea is the focus.

The week is also continuing focus on the following aims:
• Promoting the 10 Key Characteristics for Good Nutritional Care
• Promoting Mealtimes Matter and Protected mealtimes
• Encouraging the introduction of Nutrition Advocates /Champions to each health and Social Care Setting
• The introduction of minimum standards for good nutrition in all settings
• Sharing Good nutrition and hydration practice
• Promoting Continued Education and Professional Development especially in the health and social care sector for catering staff.
• Improve staff awareness of their own hydration and nutritional requirements.

The three founders of the week – Caroline Lecko, Andy Jones and Derek Johnson provide their thoughts below.

Caroline Lecko commented: “It is amazing what the supporters of the week continue to do to showcase their support through nutrition and hydration for those they care for every year. It is great to see people highlighting their innovations so they can share, reinforce and grow the fantastic care they provide through food and drink.”

Andy Jones added: “The Wednesday is a global focus through hat most British of institutions an Afternoon Tea, this appears to grab our colleagues overseas to join us in sharing and promoting good nutrition and hydration in health and social care around the globe, whilst having a bit of fun and providing a novel experience for the people they care for. I reiterate the week is the focal point of the year for many in highlighting their services.”

Derek Johnson stated: “The week grows and is a success as the Speech and Language Therapists, Dieticians, Care Home Staff, Public Health Food Leads, Workplace Well Being Leads and Health and Social Care Catering Staff the world over share their ideas and inspire others to grow. We know from the turn of the year onwards, plans are being created as our inbox fills with people asking for information about the ‘week’ plus if they are a novice what they need to do. We always say check the resources page on the website loads of tried and trusted activities there and then build in your own key messages and enjoy the week.”

The Week now sees other promotions taking place during the year with a social media based Thirsty Thursday in May and June providing tips on good hydration and the focus switches to Mealtimes Matter in October with a tip a day on how to embedded these in health and social care.

Further details of the legacy that Nutrition and Hydration Week is building across health and social care can be found at