Number Of People Looking For Care Homes After Christmas Expected To Rise By 25%

carehomeCare home reviews site, predicts a 25% rise in the number of people visiting its site this January, to look for a care home. has seen an increase in traffic in January over the last three years, with an extra 345,225 visitors to the site in January 2015 and an extra 288,001 visitors in January 2016, compared with figures in December.

Full set of results:

Dec 2013 – 1,043,277

Jan 2014 – 1,411,380


Dec 2014 – 1,230,534

Jan 2015 – 1,575,759


Dec 2015 – 1,203,753

Jan 2016 – 1,491,754


It is often when families get together over the Christmas period that they realise their elderly relatives are no longer coping and need proper care – which could be one explanation for the spike in traffic to the site.

Director of, Davina Ludlow, said:

“Over recent years we have noticed a trend during January with a rise in the number of people searching for care homes after the Christmas period.

“We feel this increase is a reflection of how family members take positive steps in the New Year to assist their relatives.

“Residential care can often feel like a daunting step – but it can save someone from not only the day-to-day tasks which may have become difficult, but also from feelings of loneliness and isolation.”

Angela Sands, Senior Director of Operations at Sunrise Senior Living UK, said:

“Getting to spend time with family is one of the best things about the festive period. And spending time with elderly relatives, which is often a rare privilege for many busy families across the UK, may lead them to realise that their parents or grandparents need better support all year round.

“Ensuring that elderly relatives are taken care of to the high standard they deserve is a brilliant New Year’s Resolution, and we hope to see these continued throughout the year.”

The spike in traffic demonstrates not only that older relatives are spending time with family during the festive period but also the increased need for care homes in the UK.








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