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No More Stuck In The Basement, Family Gatherings Restored! S-Max liberates Mel and Phil

S-Max has restored the freedom to get out and about for Mel and Phil Sanderson after months of being confined to living in their basement.

In 2022, Mel lost much of her mobility. Unable to cope with stairs, she and her husband Phil ended up living in the basement of their three-storey home in Hull town centre.

With no internal staircase, only a narrow turning flight of stone steps outside and strict building/alteration constraints (the property is Grade II listed), it became nigh on impossible for the couple to get out- whether for daily essentials or leisure- nor to socialise at home with friends and family. Phil was having to physically lift Mel up and down the stone steps, putting them both in danger of falling.

Phil was determined to find an answer. His research led him to AAT and its top-selling S-Max Sella stairclimber. Under the control of the care-giver, the mobile battery powered unit transfers its passenger safely and at a consistent rate up and down the steps- and beyond.

AAT visited Phil and Mel to assess the situation, that the S-Max Sella would safely deal with the steps and that Mel and Phil were both comfortable using it. Phil was so impressed he ordered one on the spot. AAT delivered it, set it up to their personal preference and trained Phil in how to use the equipment correctly and safely.

Under Phil’s control, with its integral seat and battery-powered kinematic climbing capability, S-Max Sella safely gets Mel around her home again. It gets her out of the house and into town.

“It really is a fantastic piece of kit,” says Phil. “Before we got the S-Max, we were basically trapped in the basement.

“Once trained it is very simple to use. Now we can go out for leisure and appointments after months of being stuck inside. It even means we can have family occasions upstairs

as we used to, with ease! I would recommend the S-Max for anyone who needs help getting up and down stairs.”

S-Max is the UK’s top-selling stairclimber, with an impeccable safety record built up over 20+ years for the thousands of units in use nationwide. Class 1 Medical Device certified the S-Max executes over 300 steps from a single charge. Its unique ComfortStep feature delivers a smooth, comfortable climb or descent, automatically adjusting to variation in riser height and gently braking on the edge of each riser to facilitate the process for the operator.

The standard S-Max unit attaches to most wheelchair models to enable them to be safely moved up, down almost any flight of steps. The S-Max Sella features an integral seat for people who are not confined to a wheelchair. AAT has developed a Universal Back for the units to achieve optimal flexible safety and physical support for the passenger.

AAT offers a comprehensive support service, including free no obligation assessment, setting up of the S-Max, training of its users, plus ongoing service & maintenance.
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