New White Paper ‘Optimising Staff Resource To Improve Care For An Ageing Population’

care8Evidence from Autotime shows how integrated workforce management solutions can help Care Homes improve the quality of care for the UK’s ageing population and increase profitability.

In its white paper;  ‘Optimising staff resource to improve  care for an ageing population’, Auto Time explains how the UK’s growing and ageing population –  which is expected to increase 9.6 million to 73.3 million by 2037 – combined with financial constraints and public pressure is placing the Care Home sector under increased strain to deliver high quality care cost-effectively.

The white paper outlines how replacing paper-based processes with an automated workforce management solution can make a real difference to care delivery and assist care providers to achieve cost savings and efficiencies from their workforce.

It details how Care Homes can overcome the persistent challenges of administration time, financial pressures, agency costs, increased regulations and staff shortages.

Paski Matarazzo, Marketing Director at Auto Time Solutions said: “Poor workforce planning together with a chronic staff shortage has led to many care providers over-relying on expensive agency staff to plug skills gaps.

“This has left care homes, already operating at fine profit margins and threatened by public spending cuts, facing soaring costs and under huge financial pressure to remain sustainable.

“With research predicting that over the next decade the UK’s population requiring care will rise from 2.6 million to 3.4 million and people entering Care Homes requiring greater levels of care, Care Homes need to take steps to make efficiency gains and cut costs.

“Workforce management solutions can deliver significant value to Care Homes by simplifying administrative tasks, automating data capture and streamlining workflows to improve staff productivity.

“This releases valuable time of highly-qualified staff back into front-line care whilst providing managers with the transparency they need to better calculate staffing levels and deploy the right skills mix to reduce dependency on agency usage and control labour costs.”

On-demand access to real-time workforce analytics empowers managers to make informed business decisions, ensure care is delivered adequately by the right person and calculate the ‘true’ cost of care delivery to meet budgets.

Consolidation of critical HR information means managers can better allocate staff resource according to their qualifications, skills and availability.

This enables managers to create efficient and compliant rotas by ensuring every shift is adequately covered in terms of skills requirement to meet resident demands.

With Care Homes experiencing one of the highest staff turnovers in any industry, the white paper also discusses how better planning and management of workforce time can help the industry to address its current skills shortage.

Paski Matarazzo adds: “Introducing flexible working patterns and empowering staff to take more control of their own shifts via Self-Service applications can act as a real incentive to attract people and keep them in the industry.”

The white paper ‘Optimising staff resource to improve care for an ageing population’ is available to download from the Auto Time website at

Alternatively, please email

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