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New Election Campaign Lets Voters Show Their Support For The NHS

A new campaign launches today that lets voters show their commitment to the NHS.

Vote4theNHS gives voters the opportunity to pledge that they will vote for the party or candidate that they believe offers the best approach to health and social care.

The future of the NHS is one of the top concerns for voters. On Vote4theNHS.co.uk, they will be able to find out about the key issues in health and social care, and go through each party’s commitments policy-by-policy, once their manifestos are available.

The campaign is being run by The Patients Association, the national campaigning charity speaking up for patients on health and social care issues.

The Patients Association’s headline priorities for health and social care policy at this election are:

  • Health and social care must be adequately funded
  • Health and social care must be transformed to meet people’s needs
  • Health and social care must be person-centred
  • Health and social care must be safe and compassionate
  • Brexit must be made to work for health and social care

Liz McAnulty, Chair of The Patients Association said “Amid all the noise about Brexit, the NHS must not be forgotten in this election – not least because the two are inter-related. Health and social care are currently undergoing their largest transformation in years and facing major challenges, including an ageing population and increasing finical pressures.

“We hope our campaign will assist voters in making an informed choice about who they feel should be entrusted with the future of the NHS, and allow many people to show the strength of their feelings about the importance of maintaining a strong NHS and social care system.
“We encourage all voters to consider meaningfully the issues facing our health and social care services and to  pledge to Vote4theNHS today.”


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