New Campaign Reveals How Dementia Puts the Ultimate Vow of ‘in Sickness and in Health’ to the Test

A new campaign reveals how dementia puts the ultimate vow of ‘in sickness and in health’ to the test.

The Alzheimer’s Society campaign features stories of couples affected by dementia across the UK and an emotional TV and radio ad, narrated by actor Colin Firth.

The harsh realities of caring for a partner with dementia are laid bare in a moving campaign launched by Alzheimer’s Society.

Couples from across the UK have opened their hearts about the devastating impact the condition has had on their relationship.

For many, a dementia diagnosis marks the beginning of an often-difficult transition from being in an intimate relationship, to becoming a carer – fulfilling the ultimate vow of staying together ‘in sickness and in health’.

By highlighting the changing nature of intimate relationships following a dementia diagnosis we shine a light on the challenges couples face. We’re also urging supporters to help us reach more people by donating to the cause.

The campaign features an emotional TV and radio ad, narrated by actor Colin Firth, which shows how dementia can change the dynamics of a relationship.

Kate Lee, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Society, said:
“A third of us will develop dementia in our lifetimes, making it the biggest health and social care challenge we face.

“Caring for a partner with dementia is fulfilling the ultimate relationship vow, but navigating your way through ‘in sickness and in health’ can be overwhelming.

Our vow to people affected by dementia is that we will be there, we will provide hope, and we will help you climb those mountains.

“But we simply can’t reach everyone and that’s why we’re calling on the public to donate. This is not a problem that is going away – the number of people living with dementia is only going up.

“Our website saw a massive 12,000% increase in visitors following news that actor Bruce Willis was diagnosed with dementia. It’s a hugely useful resource for anyone looking to learn more about the condition.”

In addition to a ‘relationships hub’ on our website where people can find advice, people affected by dementia can access ‘peer-to-peer’ support by visiting Talking Point, our online community and forum.

Meanwhile, Mary McCartney, Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter, has taken photographs of couples affected by dementia that will appear on billboards from Monday 13 March.

Talking about the photo shoots, Mary McCartney said:
“I’ve always been drawn to people and their relationships, focusing my photography on discovering those rare moments of unguarded, emotionally charged intimacy.

I hope these images help to raise awareness of both dementia and the crucial work of Alzheimer’s Society.”

Broadcaster and writer Richard Madeley, an Alzheimer’s Society supporter, is also backing the campaign. He said: “Alzheimer’s Society’s new campaign brings home how caring for a partner with dementia truly fulfils the ultimate marriage vow of ‘in sickness and health’.

The campaign doesn’t shrink from shining a light on the harsh realities of living with dementia, while showing how love has its own extraordinary power to shine through the darkest times and uplift battered spirits.

“There’s a huge sense of hope that’s unmistakably transmitted by the couples involved in this extraordinarily moving campaign – and that’s directly thanks to Alzheimer’s Society. Because of their support, people don’t have to face dementia alone.”








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