NCF Response To CQC State Of Adult Social Care Report 2014-17

CQC has produced its analysis of nearly three years of inspections of adult social care services under their newly developed assessment framework. Having inspected over 33,000 services including domiciliary care, shared lives, care homes, nursing homes and specialist services for people with learning disabilities, they have provided an overview of how they view the sector.

NCF Executive Director, Vic Rayner says:

“The CQC report provides a window into the complexity of adult social care in 21st century Britain. This report shows that the ‘care’ factor is alive and well, with over 95% of services being rated as good or outstanding for the care that they provide. This is good news, and is vital that we continue to measure.”

“The report also highlights the areas where there is need for significant improvement – demonstrating the critical importance of safeguarding and leadership. These factors are, of course, essential for the delivery of care to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Leadership is a key driver for change, and it is very encouraging that CQC has highlighted the importance of a strong culture around creativity and innovation as making a real difference to the delivery of outstanding services.”

Vic Rayner goes on to say:

“However, the report also shows the need for action to invest in the care sector, and critically the staff who deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The impact of the sustained underfunding of social care has been recognised in a wide range of reports from CQC, ADASS, Age UK and others. The needs of those entering care services have changed dramatically in the last 5 to 10 years, and the sector needs support and investment to adapt and develop the way in which it addresses these new and emerging needs. Complex care and health interventions, multi-disciplinary support for individuals, changing societal patterns of family support, greater emphasis on the role of technology – these changes are coming thick and fast – and this report shows that investment needs to be delivered now to maximise the impact of the good care on offer – to deliver good and outstanding services across the board.”









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