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National Care Awareness Survey 2023 Officially Launches

The National Care Awareness Survey 2023 has officially been launched, inviting care professionals from across the social care industry to voice their experiences, concerns, and insights. This initiative, led by a coalition of prominent organisations including Care Campaign For The Vulnerable, National Care Forum, National Care Association, The Care Workers’ Charity, Institute of Health & Social Care Management, and Sona, aims to shed light on the challenges faced by care professionals and initiate positive changes within the sector.

In an impassioned call to action, the organisers of the National Care Awareness Survey 2023 have invited care professionals from all corners of the social care industry to participate. The survey aims to uncover critical information about key areas affecting care professionals, with the ultimate goal of fostering improvements in the industry and elevating the quality of care provided.

Key Focus Areas of the Survey Include:

  • Recruitment: The survey will delve into the barriers that prevent passionate individuals from joining the social care workforce. By understanding these challenges, the industry can work towards attracting and retaining dedicated professionals who play a vital role in the lives of vulnerable individuals.
  • Retention:Care professionals are encouraged to share their perspectives on strategies that could be employed to keep skilled and compassionate individuals within the sector. The insights gathered will pave the way for better practices in supporting the existing workforce.
  • Skill Development:Opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the care sector will be explored. This information is crucial for ensuring that care professionals can continually develop their skills to provide the best care possible.
  • Funding:The survey will highlight the pressing need for adequate resources to ensure the consistent delivery of exceptional care. Participants are urged to share their experiences to advocate for improved funding structures.
  • Wellbeing:The wellbeing of care professionals is a top priority. The survey will examine factors affecting their work-life balance and suggest ways to enhance their overall quality of life.
  • Tech and Digital Solutions:With technology playing an increasingly important role in care provision, the survey will investigate how digital solutions can meet evolving needs while maintaining a high standard of person-centred care.

Steve Clarke Managing Director at ROAR B2B, comments “We recognise the invaluable contributions of care professionals within the social care industry. The National Care Awareness Survey 2023 aims to provide a platform for these professionals to share their experiences, aspirations, and challenges. By coming together, we can make meaningful strides towards a stronger, more effective social care sector.”

Care professionals are urged to participate in the survey and share their unique perspectives to drive positive change within the industry. The results will be used to inform policy decisions, influence funding allocations, and advocate for the needs of care professionals.

To participate in the National Care Awareness Survey 2023 and be in with a chance to win a £200 voucher of your choice, complete the 15-minte survey here.











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