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Mill Lane Resident Veteran Honoured For Her Service

Peggy Worsfold, a resident at Mill Lane care home in Felixstowe, and a remarkable Land Army veteran, was recently recognised in a special ceremony honouring the Land Army’s contributions during the war. Organised by Mill Lane’s activity coordinator, Debbie, Peggy was celebrated at Saxham Hall as a VIP guest, and awarded a certificate for her service. At 99 years old, Peggy held the distinction of being the oldest attendee at the ceremony.

Reflecting on her time in the Land Army, Peggy shared a poignant anecdote. She recalled joining up without fully understanding what it entailed, only to return home and inform her father of her enlistment. His humorous response, “Your problem is Peggy, you never think, but it’s too late now you have joined up,” underscored the spontaneity and determination with which Peggy embarked on her journey. Her memories of marching through Ipswich for the Campsey Ash Hostel and being welcomed at the town hall by the mayor remained vivid, cherished moments from her service.

A highlight of Peggy’s visit was a talk by Nicky Reynolds, Saxham Hall’s co-founder and Trustee, which she found both engaging and enlightening. The pinnacle of the day came when Air Vice Marshall David Murray awarded Peggy with a ‘service’ Certificate, a recognition that filled her with delight and pride.

Among the cherished moments of her visit was the opportunity to connect with fellow veterans Paddy Read and Iris Bird, with whom she enjoyed reminiscing over afternoon tea. Their camaraderie served as a reminder of the enduring bonds forged through shared experiences.