Marie Curie To Support Care UK Teams In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Leading end of life charity, Marie Curie and care home provider Care UK, are working together to provide additional support to care home teams and to help prepare for any future outbreaks.

Marie Curie will work with Care UK on its approach to end of life care, including evaluating current training and practice, provide support to Care UK home managers to enhance resilience among team members and will be on hand for care home colleagues who need a space to share, reflect and learn, with the opportunity to speak to Marie Curie experts about any aspect of end of life care.

In homes affected by coronavirus, Marie Curie will provide support to the entire care home team via the Marie Curie Professional Companions programme. Marie Curie will also provide recommendations about additional support that might develop and reassure care home teams in the future.

Leah Queripel, HR Director at Care UK said: “Our care home teams are what makes the care we provide second to none and we want to do everything we can to support our team members. I know absolutely that the last seven months have not been easy for them, but they have risen to the challenge in ways that would have been unimaginable a year ago.

Their courage to keep on going to work, day in day out, to deliver great care and to support each other has been something we are incredibly proud of. We know that extraordinary grit and determination has, in some case, taken its toll on people and I hope that working with Marie Curie will help our teams in that position to move forward.”

Leah added: “Although a confidential telephone support service has been available to all Care UK employees for several years, directors at Care UK recognised that the past seven months have been like no other period in its history and that something additional was required. Sadly, the virus did claim the lives of some residents in our homes and care home teams worked incredibly hard to ensure that residents at the end of their lives were in comfortable, loving and supported surroundings.

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“Whilst I hope it never arrives, these recommendations will also help us to be even more prepared and resilient if we see a surge of cases in our homes in the coming months.”

Eamon O’Kane, Deputy Director, Devolved Nations & National Programmes at Marie Curie said: “As a charity, Marie Curie’s mission is to improve the experience of dying, death and bereavement for all. We provide direct end of life care in communities across the UK, but we will make greater impact in our mission by working with organisations that have a delivery role in end of life care. We have experience, resources and services that can help the care home sector and welcome the approach from Care UK. Working together ensures patients, residents and carers will ultimately benefit from the best end of life experience.”



















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