Mapplewell Manor Care Home Residents Discover The Art Of Poetry Making

MapleManorSince 14th September 2015, Helen Smith the activity co-ordinator at Mapplewell Manor has been holding poetry sessions with a group of residents. Studies have shown the effectiveness of using arts impacts on the positive factors that nurture health and wellbeing and has a demonstrable effect on improving quality of life.

Staff at Mapplewell Manor can see the benefits of these group sessions with residents being motivated and inspired. It helps reduce inactivity and so improves the mental well-being of the individuals.

Helen Smith said “These sessions have been so beneficial, it provides relaxation and helps them connect with others in a supportive environment and increases their confidence, giving them a sense of pride and achievement.”

On Tuesday 26th April Mapplewell Manor held a Spoken Word event and invited residents family and friends along to listen to the residents read out their poetry. Special guests included Diane Hinchliffe from Creative People Development (who mentored Helen) and Tony Shephard from Shephard Creative.

The residents will get the opportunity to showcase their talents at ‘THE SENSES’ The South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts 8th Exhibition. The Spoken Word event will take place at St. Mary’s Church, Barnsley on Tuesday 10th May between 13:00 – 15:30.

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‘The Senses’ – The Ultimate Card

Butterflies are for freedom

Flowers smell nice and you get different scents

You can get different flowers with different scents

Bees from flowers, nice colour, smell nice, first thing at morning

I like the colour pink and I like the flowers and butterflies all way round

It’s nicely shaped around the edges

Butterflies, very pretty flowers, lovely coloured card – pink

Could it be a Birthday card? I’ve not looked inside

It says ‘The Senses’ – I like the arrangement – its a beautiful shape

I don’t understand what these are – they are just decor

If you look at it truly, they could fly away,it says ‘The Senses,’ its georgous

I could not do better myself, could not make it better,

It’s beautiful work, it’s so perfect, you should be able to smell it

I’ve embossed the pink glitter – for touchy, feely,

I’ve mounted it onto silver card to make it stand out

Sprayed flowers with room fragrant spray

Thought it was a good idea to create a card towards the exhibition ‘The Senses’

I enjoyed making it

Medium: Karen

Group Poem: Karen, Pauline, Betty, Kathleen, Margaret, Susan, Dianne



That needs a lot of patience

It’s lovely

You’ve got to be gifted to do something like this

It’s very good, picturesque

The’re all here – can you see them, the’re lovely

That little girl with that dog – she’s looking at it and laughing

Think it’s wonderful – the attractiveness, variety of colours

There’s six of em, bluebirds, still blowing about and looking for something

I love the lion, looks like a thug – out of my way I’ve got things to do

Pretty girl and that looks like Toto

Judy Garland, Red shoes – oooh yes, oooh now then, Tin Man,

Follow the Yellow Brick Road! ‘The Wizard of Oz’

The Lion wanted courage

What did the Tin Man want? Oil

The Scarecrow wanted a brain

Dorothy wanted to go home

The rainbow and the castle adds a little bit more – the sun is shining

It tells a story

A happy story at the end

There are a few problems with the Witch but the Lion sorted her out

All in all it’s a happy story

I’ve had great pleasure in making it

Media created by Marjorie and a little help from her friends

Group poem: Marjorie, Louise, Eda, Pauline, Doreen, Ken, Doreen S, Molly



















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