Make A Carers Christmas With Quarriers’ New Respitality Project In Aberdeenshire

Quarriers is launching a new pilot project, ‘Respitality’, across Central Aberdeenshire – a service aimed at helping unpaid carers access short and vital breaks.

Co-ordinated nationally by Shared Care Scotland who support the delivery of the Respitality scheme with local carer organisations, the aim of the project is to provide respite from routine, for unpaid carers in Scotland, when they need it most. This is achieved by connecting carers organisations with hospitality, tourism and leisure businesses who are willing to donate a break free of charge.

Launching in December, the project will initially build partnerships with businesses in the Inverurie area to develop the first Aberdeenshire Respitality opportunities. The learning gained from the initial pilot will enable Quarriers’ new Respitality worker, Ann Brodie, to evaluate the project’s success with a view to developing an Aberdeenshire wide service in the future.

If you are a local business who would like to make a carers Christmas by donating a Respitality gift through this exciting project, please contact Ann Brodie at Quarriers Aberdeenshire Carers Support Service, Wardes Road, Inverurie 01467 538700.

The programme’s creation follows startling stats from a 2017 State of Caring survey* which showed that 40% of carers haven’t had a single day off in over a year and 42% believe that short breaks from caring would benefit their health and wellbeing.

Ann Brodie, Respitality worker from the Aberdeenshire Carer Service, said: “It’s crucial carers get some time out to mix with other adults and feel like more than ‘just a carer’. The Respitality service will allow unpaid carers to get some much needed respite.

“We are confident that the introduction of Respitality will be hugely positive experience for local businesses and unpaid carers across Aberdeenshire helping improve carers health and wellbeing.”

*Figures from State of Caring 2017: