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Luck of the Irish – Pop Star Wish Comes True for Bury St Edmunds Care Home Resident

A care home resident was delighted to receive a very special message from her favourite pop star.

87-year-old Sheila Lilley, from Care UK’s Glastonbury Court in Suffolk couldn’t believe her eyes when she received a special video message from her favourite singer, Irish performer, Daniel O’Donnell.

Sheila has been a fan of Daniel for as long as she can remember, and even keeps a pillow with his face on by her bed.

Wanting to organise a special surprise for Sheila, the team at Glastonbury Court got in touch with Daniel, who was delighted to record a personal message to Sheila wishing her well.

Sheila teared up with happiness and said: “I can’t believe he knows my name. I’m so happy!”

Elena Bratu, Home Manager at Glastonbury Court, added: “We were thrilled to be able to surprise Sheila with a special message from her favourite pop star.

“Here at Glastonbury Court, we strive to go above and beyond to ensure residents lead fulfilling lives – whether that be organising a special day out, making their favourite food, or in this case, organising a message from their favourite singer.

“To see how Sheila’s face light up made it all worth it – our next goal is getting them to meet in person!”