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Lower Meadow Residents Share their Love Stories, Ahead of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, residents at Lower Meadow have been looking back on times in their life full of love and happiness.

Wellbeing Lead at Lower Meadow, Cindy Odell, wanted to start off the month thinking about Valentine’s Day, so has enjoyed chatting with residents about their families and their own love stories, as well as some famous ones too.

Resident Monica enjoyed talking about her grandparent’s love story, she enjoyed showing everybody a beautiful tapestry she made for her grandparents for their Golden wedding anniversary, 70 years ago, when she was just fifteen. When her grandmother passed away, Monica kept the tapestry as a keepsake, to her, it is still a treasured item that takes pride of place in her room at Lower Meadow.

The title of the tapestry is The Blue Willow, and its design is often seen on plates. The design is so beautiful in fact, that when Monica first made it, she won first prize in a ladies’ magazine’s tapestry competition. The design on the plates represents the beautiful tale of the two doves; a famous Chinese love story. The residents enjoyed hearing about this story and how it connected to Monica’s beautiful tapestry.

Carol McDyre, Customer Relationship Manager at Lower Meadow, very much enjoyed listening to Monica’s story, and commented:

“It was fascinating to hear Monica’s story, and to realise how long she has held onto the beautiful tapestry that she made for her Grandparents. Every resident has a unique story to tell, and it was so lovely to hear Monica tell hers with such love.”


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