Local Care Home Joins Forces To Protect Against Scamming

Hazel Lodge Care Home in Battle has joined forces with local Police Community Support Officers, Emma Phillips & Daryl Holter to help protect residents and people in the wider community. The informative talk which takes place at Hazel Lodge at 11am on Tuesday 5th March will share key tips on how to avoid being scammed. A topical issue that often affects the elderly, Emma & Daryl will demonstrate how to recognise a scam, and the correct way to respond and report them.

The talk will cover how scams are disguised, and can occur in person, by phone, by post, by email, and even through social media. Guests can also share their scamming experiences and recovery strategies.

Senior General Manager of the home, Robert Dura-May said: “We know that scammers often target the elderly because they can be more trusting, and easy targets because they are not aware of all of the technology tricks that scammers often use. We want to use the event to make sure our residents as well as friends from within the community are better informed on scamming tricks, and to know that support is always available here at Hazel Lodge as well as with the local police.”