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Liverpool Care Home Resident and Painter Adds a Splash of Colour for Charity

Phil Smith, a resident at RMBI Care Co. Home The Tithebarn, in Liverpool, is passionate about two things: painting and helping people. To celebrate his 75th birthday, Phil arranged an art exhibition at Moor Lane Methodist Church with support from the Home’s staff. His goal was to raise money for charity.

Fellow residents and staff members from The Tithebarn, along with neighbours from the local area, attended the exhibition where a wide selection of his paintings was displayed for visitors to enjoy. From colourful birds to leafy countryside landscapes, his art portrays nature in a vivid way.

Phil sold several paintings, raising a total of £130. He then donated the sum to the British Red Cross. “I saw the news and decided to do something for the people in the Middle East conflict,” he says. “I’m very happy to be able to give something to the charity at this time.”

Although painting was his favourite subject at school, Phil only started painting seriously when he was in his 30s. Launching an art exhibition was something he hadn’t even thought about. “My friend Richard suggested the idea because I have a lot of paintings in my room,” he explains. “I’ve given many to fellow residents and have some displayed here at The Tithebarn, but I also wanted them to go to people who would appreciate them. I call this ‘the joy of giving’!”








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