“Littlish Allsorts” Visit Prideaux Lodge

Great times had by all at the first meeting between the Littlish Allsorts and residents at Prideaux Lodge

It may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but research has proven that these interactions can have fantastic benefits for each generation.

The little ones brought a new sense of vibrancy and fun to Prideaux Lodge, and the focus was no longer on watching time pass but on living in the moment.

Manager Denise Argent said “We have found that people living with dementia have a higher level of positive engagement when interacting with children and days after this event the residents are still talking about the children’s visit and when they are coming next.

We feel this has had a positive impact on the home and the joy this has brought to the residents and I feel other homes should get involved as much as they can with their local community especially schools and nurseries.”







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