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LGA Responds To PAC Report On Care Act Reforms Increasing Cost Pressures On Councils

LGA-logoResponding to the Public Account Committee Report on Care Act reforms increasing the cost pressures on councils, a Local Government Association spokesperson said:

“Councils fully support the Care Act reforms designed to help elderly and disabled people and their families get the essential care they deserve and need but as this report rightly highlights, without proper funding to bring in these changes, it is not only putting these vital reforms at risk but is heaping further pressure on our already chronically underfunded adult social care system.

“The Government has listened to our concerns about the urgent need to address our social care funding crisis by allowing councils with adult social care responsibilities to raise extra money through council tax to offset some of the pressures on social care. The additional funding for social care in the Better Care Fund, rising to £1.5 billion by 2019/20, also announced in the Spending Review, is also good news.

“However, we are concerned there is no money next year and the full benefit will not be seen until the end of the decade, despite care for the elderly and vulnerable being at breaking point now.

“We are also disappointed that the Government did not announce in the Spending Review any plan to reinvest the £6 billion saved from the delay to Phase 2 of the Care Act back into our care and support system. This was the sole basis for calling for  a delay and is money that should be used to support our collapsing social care system or vital services for our elderly and vulnerable will remain increasingly at risk.”