Leeds Beckett Research To Be Shared In Top Alzheimer Report

Vital research from Leeds Beckett University, which should improve the care of people living with dementia, is being featured in a new report.

The World Alzheimer Report 2022, which is produced by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), is released today (21 September) and will centre around the support patients and their families receive after diagnosis.

The ‘What works’ research project was carried out by the university’s Centre for Dementia Research and examines dementia and education training.

Professor Claire Surr, from the Centre for Dementia Research, School of Health, led the team who carried out the research: “Having staff with the knowledge and skills to deliver good dementia care is a priority and research has shown that education and training can help staff feel more confident about dementia care and improve their knowledge and skills, which can lead to better care. Our research identifies the approaches to training design and delivery that lead to staff having the right knowledge, attitudes, and approaches to delivering dementia care and the best outcomes for people with dementia and their families.

“We reviewed published evidence about dementia training and education, conducted a national audit of UK dementia training provision, surveyed staff who have completed dementia training, and looked in detail at how dementia training had been designed, delivered, and implemented, and the impact on dementia care in ten care provider organisations.

Dr Sarah Smith, a co-author from the School of Health, said: “Through our research we identified key features of impactful dementia education and training which are detailed in the World Alzheimer Report. Without addressing these key features, dementia training is unlikely to have the effect on supporting the delivery of good dementia care that providers desire. The key features we identified have already been adopted as the gold-standard for dementia training in England and internationally, and many health and social care providers are adopting them within their dementia training provision.”

The report will provide a global perspective on post-diagnosis care models, barriers, and best practice, through expert essays, case studies, commentary and perspectives from people living with dementia and their carers.

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