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Laundry Assistant at Lincoln Care Home Get Long Service Award

A laundry assistant at a Lincoln care home was given a long service award for her work anniversary and says the job “gave her purpose”.

Christine Oxby started working at MHA Stones Place in 2002 and to mark the occasion the home, which provides residential care for 42 residents, arranged a celebration where she was presented with a long service award.

Speaking after the celebration she said: “It’s very nice to get the achievement and to feel appreciated.

“Time really has flown by, and I can’t believe I have been here as long as I have.

“I don’t like change and prefer to have a settled routine which this job allowed me to have and honestly it saved me and gave me a purpose.

“I love my job and get on really well with the staff and residents at the home.
“I feel I have contributed to care and it’s an industry where you have to be dedicated, otherwise you have no reason to apply for a role.

“This will definitely be my last job, but I am not thinking about packing up yet as I love the job too much.”

Bev Murray, deputy manager said: “Christine is an asset to MHA and is one of the most hardworking people I know.

“She is kind, caring, considerate and an all-round team player.

“She has so much energy and walks around 100 mph and just gets on with everything she needs to.

“She looks out for all the residents and staff, and we are very lucky to have her here at MHA Stones Place.”