Hunters Down Receive Colourful Scrubs Thanks To Chris Evans And The Butterfly Legacy Project

Recently, the team at Hunters Down Care Home in Cambridge received a generous donation of some beautiful new scrubs from the Butterfly Legacy Project.

The Butterfly Legacy Project was started by Maxine Welford in April 2020. The project was created towards the start of the pandemic as Maxine wanted to help all the hospitals that were having huge shortages of scrubs. So far, they have helped to create 8000 sets of scrubs and sewn thousands of washbags and facemasks, all of which have been given away for free.

The design of scrubs that Hunters Down received is particularly unique, as the fabric was commissioned by TV presenter Chris Evans, who wants to see the NHS full of rainbows. He and his 11-year-old son, Noah, camped out in their family garden for 28 days to raise money to buy the fabric. They were hoping to raise £2000 but managed to completely exceed this target!

After reaching the £2000, Chris wanted to do more to raise funds for the NHS, so he held two auctions with the help of Bid-In, who helped run them for free. The first auction was the ultimate Garage Sale, consisting of Chris’ personal memorabilia which raised an astonishing £497k. The second was a collection of items donated by his celebrity friends, which raised an additional £602k.

The team at Hunters Down are honoured to be part of Chris and Noah’s charitable work and will be wearing their scrubs with pride. We would like to thank the Butterfly Legacy Project for all the dedicated hours that they’ve given to help the community in these difficult times.

























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