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Holmes Care Residents Defend Roman Wall

Three new recruits arrived at Rome’s northern frontier, as they swapped Roselea House, their Fife care home, for Callendar House, the 14th century country mansion in Falkirk.

Dressed in cloaks and armour, the care home residents explored the Antonine Wall, a UNESCO Heritage site which once marked the edge of the Roman Empire.

Janice Couper, resident of Roselea House, said:

“The preservation of the wall is an incredible achievement, and we should continue to protect Scotland’s monuments for future generations.”

After their trip around the Roman exhibit, the residents enjoyed afternoon tea and a walk through the estate gardens.

Roselea House, part of the Holmes Care Group, plans cultural visits as part of an activities programme designed to encourage health and happiness amongst the residents.

Ruth Goodman, Manager of Roselea House, said:

“It was a fantastic day out, and the residents loved exploring the history of Callendar House. We’ll come back again soon!”