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Heartwarming Visit From Barn Nursery Children To Redbond Lodge Care Home

Redbond Lodge care home in Great Dunmow, recently had the pleasure of hosting a delightful visit from the Barn Nursery Children in Stanbrook on the 23rd of January. The event was organised in collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) as part of the Big Garden Birdwatch weekend.

During the visit, the Barn Nursery Children actively participated in crafting bird feeders using a mixture of fat, seeds, and fir cones. The engaging activity not only added a creative touch to the day but also aligned with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch initiative, promoting awareness and appreciation for local birdlife.

Residents of Redbond Lodge worked together with the children as part of the birdwatch weekend. Mixing the seed and fat became a collaborative effort that bridged the generation gap and fostered meaningful connections between the children and residents at the care home.

Interactions between the younger and older generations hold immense importance, providing an opportunity for the children to eagerly contribute to the community while bringing happiness and companionship to the residents.

Karen Briggs, Well-Being Leader at Redbond Lodge, said: “It gives the residents so much pleasure when the Nursery Children visit, as sometimes they cannot see their own grandchildren as often as they would like. It is wonderful to see their eyes light up when the children walk into the room, and they become so absorbed in watching and listening to them chatter; it’s just pure delight. The children are so comfortable visiting our Home and are so happy to take part in our activities.”