Healthcare Homes Celebrates World Poetry Day By Launching Its Own Poetry Book

Healthcare Homes, provider of high quality residential homes located throughout East Anglia, is preparing to celebrate World Poetry Day, by launching a compilation of original poems written by residents from all twenty three of its homes.

The book will be officially launched at a special gathering at Oaklands House, Southwold, on Tuesday 17th March. Residents from Aldringham Court, The White House, Mill Lane, Foxgrove and Maynell will travel to Oaklands House to socialise with other residents  and hear their poems being read aloud. Two celebrities will be in attendance: local poet Dean Parkin, who is currently involved in an arts project entitled, “A poem for Suffolk” and former Coronation Street actor, Stephen Hancock.

World Poetry Day, celebrated on the 21st March each year, is an international celebration of the importance of poetry and the oral tradition. It was introduced in 1999 by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

Healthcare Homes’ participation in World Poetry Day is part of its annual celebration of the arts in 2015. The poetry book launch follows closely on the homes’ participation in the UK’s Older People’s Day in October, which celebrated the achievements and contributions that older people have made and continue to make to our society and the economy.

David Bates, Chief Operating Officer, Healthcare Homes added: “The Healthcare Homes poetry book is a real testament to the creativity, eloquence and humour of our older generation  This project initially stemmed from one of our recreation activities which are planned by Group Activities Co-ordinators, Sue Campbell-Bannerman and Rita Coleman. Residents really got into the spirit of it and we realised that we had enough original work to create a compilation of poems for all to enjoy.”

Three hundred copies of the poetry book have been printed and these will be available at all twenty three Healthcare Homes.

Jennifer Smith, Home Manager for Oaklands House said: “Residents from all twenty three Healthcare Homes contributed their own original poetry to the book and all are eager to see the finished book and hear a selection of their poems being read aloud. We also look forward to welcoming our friends from Aldringham Court, The White House, Mill Lane, Foxgrove and Maynell on 17thMarch. This was a creative project enjoyed by all our residents and we are glad to be able to come together as a community to celebrate its culmination.”

The full programme of World Poetry Day book launch activities can be accessed online: via the news page.