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HC-One Care Homes Indulge In Chocolatey Goodness For International Chocolate Day

HC-One care homes across the UK marked the annual celebration of chocolate on Wednesday 7th July, with Residents and Colleagues enjoying tasting a varied selection of delicious chocolate treats.

Residents at Dove Court Care Home in Lancashire, enjoyed trying out different flavours of chocolate in celebration of the day.

Inspired by the classic film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Residents received a ‘golden ticket’ invitation to join in the fun and try the chocolate delicacies on offer. The majority of Residents in the homes love chocolate and a number of Residents enjoyed sampling the variety of chocolate, with some even coming back for seconds. Some Residents opted for the classic milk chocolate whilst others preferred the choice of dark or white chocolate.

There was plenty of clean plates and smiles. Residents also enjoyed sharing memories about their trips to the traditional sweet shops, and their favourite sweets and chocolate treats when they were growing up as a child.

Activities Coordinator at Dove Court Care Home, Stephanie Tillotson, who organised the day, commented,

“The Residents loved tasting the chocolate, it was lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves.”

At Acacia Care Home in Nottingham, the Catering Team in the care homes spruced up their tea trolleys before taking a stroll around to the Residents with a display and variety of sweets and chocolates to choose from.

The chocolate trolley caused quite the stir and Residents enjoyed trying and eating all different kinds of chocolate. The selection of chocolate delicacies included strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate sauce and peaches on pancakes, plus a variety of chocolates for Residents to choose from including aero and buttons! All of the Residents loved eating their sweet treats.

At Sunnyside Care Home in Droylsden, Residents and Colleagues have been celebrating World Chocolate Day.

Working together as a team, the care, kitchen and wellbeing Colleagues decided to celebrate the special day in style with all Residents enjoying the delicious chocolate on offer.

First, the kitchen team made a lovely homemade chocolate cake and then some chocolate made from moulds. Colleagues had to hide the chocolates away from other members of the team so that they didn’t eat them all as they were scrumptious.

Residents enjoyed talking about films they had watched about chocolate such as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. They also looked at recipes but, most of all, enjoyed eating the chocolate concoctions.

Sunnyside Care Home’s Manager, Kay Harrison handed out chocolates and said,

“It was such a successful afternoon, everyone is now looking forward to our next event!

“I love it when Colleagues organise these events, they are so successful. A lot of planning went into this and it was so nice to see the Residents fully involved and loving it!”