Government Must Keep Promise To Save Social Care

National disability charity, Sense, calls for Government to commit to social care plans in light of self-employment u-turn

Following today’s news of a u-turn on the Government’s plans to increase national insurance contributions for the self-employed, national disability charity, Sense is calling for the Government to commit to its social care funding and strategy promises, as outlined in last week’s Spring Budget.

Ahead of the budget, Sense, was calling for an immediate cash injection and long-term Government planning in order to prevent the financially fragile sector from collapsing. The charity supports people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments or complex needs, to enjoy more independent lives,

Kate Fitch, Head of Public Policy at disability charity Sense, said:

“Today’s u-turn on plans to increase national insurance contributions for the self-employed will inevitably leave a hole in The Treasury’s budget, but it is imperative that this doesn’t impact on the Government’s promise to deliver the social care sector the £2billion needed to prevent its imminent collapse.

“The news of the Government’s intention to deliver the funding and long-term strategy required to ensure the sustainability of the system was met with a sigh of relief across the country from those who rely on social care services to live independently, with dignity and as active members of their communities.

“It is vital that despite today’s u-turn, the Government commits to its promise to deliver the cash and green paper needed to save our social care system. There is no doubt that without these, the current unsustainable system will crumble, leaving thousands of older and disabled people without the essential services that they desperately need for day-to-day life.”














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