Goldshield® Technology: A Solution To ‘Norovirus’

03941 Goldshield - Adverts 100x80 & 274x170 & 50.8x50.8 F.aiLatest figures suggest that up to 1.12 million people in the UK could be affected by an outbreak of the infectious winter vomiting bug, ‘norovirus’. Worryingly, reports suggest that nearly two-thirds of cases are occurring in care homes. With is in mind, the need for a new solution to clean and disinfect vulnerable environments has never been greater.

A new cleaning technology called Goldshield® both cleans and disinfects to help protect from devastating outbreaks, offering a completely unique antimicrobial barrier that up until now has been unavailable.

Following Norovirus outbreaks in 2013, management and staff at a well-established residential home tackled their outbreak head on, calling upon the advice of an external auditing company and the help of the local PCT Infection Prevention Nurse. Following recommendations, the management decided to change cleaning practices to include the introduction of Goldshield® technologies.

As a result of these changes, the home now passes the rigorous ICNA (Infection Control Nurses Audit), which encompasses all aspects of cleaning, disinfection and the management of infection control practices. Since the home began using Goldshield® technologies, there have been no reported outbreaks.

Goldshield® products provide a long-lasting effect known as their “residual protection” which leaves an invisible layer on cleaned surfaces, which continues to kill harmful microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry. The unique covalent bonding also means that it remains on the surface even if it is subsequently cleaned with normal detergents.

Clinical trials have revealed that Goldshield will remain active for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 7 days after just one single application – leaving residents and staff safe in the knowledge that their home is not just visibly clean, but microbiologically clean.

The home manager commented: “We looked at the Norovirus problem in a methodical and scientific way and are very proud of what we have achieved to prevent outbreaks for our residents and our staff. We attribute our success to the measures we implemented and the introduction of Goldshield®‘s technology into our daily cleaning routines”.

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