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Gold Standard Framework For The Limes Residential Care Home

A Bembridge care home is the first care home on the Isle of Wight to achieve the Gold Standard Framework Quality Hallmark Award for End of Life Care (GSF).

The Limes Residential Care Home in Bembridge was described by the GSF as a

“ Small family run independent home, in a unique location on an island which provides a different set of challenges …

The ethos of the home is that they are always striving to do better, move forward, wanting to improve. Asking themselves “how can we support the residents better”? The visit clearly demonstrated the commitment and drive to ensure a gold standard of care for each and every one of the residents”.

Eleni Dove, Manager said she was absolutely delighted that the hard work and dedication of her team who have been committed to delivering the very best end of life care, was being recognised.

She added: “From the moment someone walks through our door we want them to live well. Moving into a care home shouldn’t be the end of a client’s story, so from the very first day we will work to collaborate with them and their relatives so that we can help them achieve their goals. Achieving the GSF Accreditation is a fantastic reward for all of the staff who have been working so hard to do that.”

Eleni Dove said: “GSF has opened our eyes to exactly what we should be doing and when, providing a simple step-by-step guide ensuring no one falls through the cracks. It has helped us look at the client as a whole and assess all of their needs and wishes.”

Myles Dewen, Director said “ We are so proud to be the first care home on the Isle of Wight to achieve this Award, it is testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. We hope other care homes on the island will see the value of this accreditation and the benefits to our clients and follow suit”

More than three thousand care homes have completed the GSF Care Homes programme since it was launched in 2004 and more than 750 have gone on to become accredited. The Care Homes Programme is accessible and affordable and delivered both by the Centre itself and a network of 18 regional centres across England.

GSF Quality Hallmark Awards are presented to homes that demonstrate real improvement in the quality of care they provide. Many halve the number of their residents dying in hospital as well as halving crisis hospital admissions, leading to greater satisfaction for families, residents and staff and significant cost savings for the NHS.