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Glorious Gardens At Borough Care’s Homes

Monday 27 April to Sunday 3 May is National Gardening Week and residents at Borough Care’s eleven homes for older people in Stockport have been making the most of the homes’ gardens during the recent lovely spring weather.

Residents have been enjoying gardening, sitting in the sunshine and playing outdoor games. Gardening is one of a wide range of activities arranged by Borough Care and is popular with lots of residents, as many used to enjoy tending their own garden.

During isolation, due to the current coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic, the gardens at Borough Care’s homes have become a welcome distraction for residents, as well as providing health and wellbeing benefits.

Members of the Green Thumbs community garden group in Brinnington have donated plants to Borough Care’s two homes in Brinnington. Green Thumbs volunteers, Julie Eastwood Loftus and Lucy Eyles, visited Bryn Haven and Cawood House to pot bedding plants they have gifted to Borough Care. Both Julie and Lucy’s mums have been cared for by Borough Care and they wanted to give something back at this difficult time and help brighten up residents’ lives.