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From Ladies Club to Care Home: Unlikely Reunion Brings Joy to Two Long-Lost Friends

Two long-lost friends who first met at a ladies’ club have been reunited after 30 years in a care home in Macclesfield.

Anna Jeffrey and Mary Braddock became close friends at the Inner Wheel Macclesfield club, spending lots of time fundraising together, but lost touch around 30 years ago.

However, the pair become reacquainted when they ‘bumped’ into each other at Prestbury House Care Home.

Mary, aged 95, moved into the home owned by Porthaven Care Homes seven years ago following her dementia diagnosis. Her 92-year-old best friend Anna made Prestbury House her home in November 2023.

Anna said: “I was coming through some double doors at the home and just as the care worker pushed the door there was a lady at the other side who I recognised. It was Mary. Our two faces literally almost touched each other.

“I said to her ‘you’re Mary’ and she just said, ‘yes, my name is Mary’. I knew she recognised me but my name didn’t come to her lips. It was incredible. I was very, very happy. She looks exactly the same.”

Darcie Howard, client services manager at Prestbury House, spends a lot of time with both Anna and Mary. Since the pair have reconnected they regularly enjoy dinner and afternoon tea together, as well as flower arranging, which they both used to love.

She said: “The reunion was lovely. So very heartwarming. We have seen them come together and reminisce about their history. I don’t think any of us at Prestbury House have ever had a situation where friends have reconnected after so many years – to then be back together under the same roof.

“I supported Anna hugely with her move, and this really has sparked a new sense of identity for her. Life had taken them in different directions, but they have found each other again!”

Darcie added: “It’s easy for people to feel like they can lose their identity when they move into a care home, so we strive to ensure our residents feel like this is their home and they feel independent. We want our residents to hold onto their memories and to keep their history alive.

“This friendship is so lovely, and we have spent lots of time discussing Anna and Mary’s past. Reuniting people and reigniting those memories is a huge part of what we do – and this story was such a lovely surprise!”














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