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Forging Friendships At Borough Care

Many people worry that moving into a care home will mean they are lonely, but this couldn’t be further from the truth at Borough Care. Borough Care’s eleven homes for older people across Stockport are places of laughter and fun, where true friendships are born, and life is lived in colour. As the world marks International Friendship Day (Thursday 30 July), residents will be enjoying spending time with friends they have made since moving to a Borough Care home.

Liz Turner and Irene Cole have become great friends since moving separately into Borough Care’s Reinbek home in Davenport. Despite not knowing each other before they moved to Reinbek, Liz and Irene felt an instant connection when they met. They spend much of their time together having fun, enjoying a glass of wine and watching the same dramas on television. They enjoy having a boogie at the monthly tea dance and singing duets on the karaoke machine, the activity they are most famous for at Reinbek.

Irene, 68, was the first of the pair to move to Reinbek. Irene spent most of her career working as a home carer in Stockport. Her husband, Barry, is often at Reinbek, volunteering in the garden and, pre-lockdown, joining the trips out.

Knowing Irene has formed such a close friendship with Liz has been a real comfort to Barry and their four children, especially during lockdown. Liz was born and raised in Alnwick, Northumberland. It was here she met her late husband, Peter. Liz and Peter had two sons and she now has five grandchildren, who bring her great joy. After suffering a stroke, Liz needed the 24-hour support and care that Reinbek offers and moved into the home.

Dr Mark Ward, CEO at Borough Care, says: “It’s great that strong friendship bonds have developed between residents at our homes. Making new friends in a residential home is really beneficial to the individuals concerned, as it can help people settle in and improves their wellbeing. Our regular programme of different activities means people can join in with likeminded residents and strike up friendships through their mutual interests.”




















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