Filey Care Home Wins Ground-Breaking Recognition

Independent Care GroupCare leaders in North Yorkshire are celebrating after one of their members became the first in the area to gain national accreditation for ground-breaking dementia care.
The Hylands care home in Filey has become the first in Yorkshire to gain the national Butterfly Care Home Accreditation.
The Butterfly Award, run by dementia care organisation Dementia Care Matters, is recognised internationally as an indicator of best practice and quality of life in the care of those with dementia.
The Independent Care Group, of which The Hylands is a member, has sent its congratulations to the home.
Its chair, Mike Padgham, said: “This is a great accolade for The Hylands and recognises great and ground-breaking work in the challenging environment of caring for those with dementia.
“It takes a great deal of commitment and dedication to introduce and embed the culture change needed to gain Butterfly Care Home Accreditation and is a real feather in the cap of the Hylands that it has become the first in Yorkshire to achieve it.
“We fully endorse the Butterfly Care Home Accreditation and the work of Dementia Care Matters.”
The care home is owned by Tony and Diane Rhoden.
Diane said: “After deciding to provide care for clients living with dementia we invested in our project with DCM – the transformation was almost instant, with our clients benefitting from a calmer, more loving environment, and this is only the start, as staff continue making a connection with their emotions and learning to share them, the love can only grow.”
The Butterfly Household Model of Care was founded by Dr David Sheard, founder of Dementia Care Matters and a leading dementia care consultant, in 1995.
He said: “Dementia care could be so different for older people across the UK if you want it to be! My dream began in the UK 23 years ago – a dream that centred on revolutionising the care of people in care homes by seeing people living with a dementia as ‘ more feeling beings than thinking beings’.”
It is time for culture change in dementia care to happen around the world, too – dismantling task based care and returning nursing homes back to truly human emotional care first.”









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