Embracing An Older Workforce: NCF Survey Report

NCFThe 2016 National Care Forum personnel survey report presents findings for over 68,000 employees in adult social care: NCF Personnel survey 2016

The most startling finding in this report has to be the age profile of frontline staff and registered managers. Over 93% of registered managers in the survey are over 45, with 38.3% in the 55+ age group.

Vic Rayner, executive director of the National Care Forum said:

“As a sector it is important that this factor is at the forefront of personnel strategies, thinking through how the needs of that workforce can best be met.”

Increasingly personnel practice is recognising the health and wellbeing requirements of all staff, and demonstrating greater flexibility around caring responsibilities. However, to provide a positive environment within which to recruit and support this portion of the workforce, it is essential that the contribution of the older workforce is embraced.

Vic Rayner added:

“Whilst of course, this survey highlights there is much work to be done around workforce planning for the future, particularly recognising  future requirements as this portion of the workforce moves into retirement. However, there is an immediate need to apply the principles of talent management to support and sustain the high level of contribution from those aged 45 and over to the provision of excellent quality care.”

The report provides benchmarking information for providers of care and support services across the UK, detailing staff numbers, turnover, qualification rates, sickness absence, vacancy rates, leavers and the reasons for leaving a post.

Further to the NCF discussion and good practice paper on the distinctive contribution of nurses to adult social care the report also provides details of registered nursing staff and specialist nursing roles.

Responses to this survey range in size from single care homes through to multi-service operations employing several thousand staff. Once again over 70% of eligible organisations were able to participate in the 2016 survey, providing information for over 68,000 staff.

The continued high level of member engagement reflects one of the core benefits of NCF, that of sharing information and the valued opportunity to benchmark among peer organisations in the sector.



















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