Elderly Residents’ Artwork Displayed At Museum

DisplayedPAINTINGS, photographs and a technicolour dressing gown are just some of the artworks displayed by care home residents as part of a nationwide initiative.

Residents at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, have been taking part in the NAPA Year of the Arts.

The National Activities Providers Association is encouraging greater recognition of the value of the arts and its benefits for those living in care settings.

After hearing about the campaign, Hazelgrove Court Care Home activities coordinator Sharon Lewis decided to set up an exhibit for the residents’ artworks.

She created a display at Kirkleathem Museum, in Kirkleathem, Redcar, which included work from a wide variety of activities at the home.

Among them were residents’ paintings and photographs, a batik tablecloth, a hand-knitted technicolour dressing grown, fidget teddies, nests for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and daffodils for Marie Curie.

Residents also created mosaics of their faces using an iPad, a watering can with beads coming out of the spout for their sensory garden, decorated blank CDs and painted stones.

The artworks were displayed at the museum for one day, before being returned to the care home.

Sharon said: “I’m so proud of the artwork and crafts that residents create and I wanted to share it with a wider audience.

“Family members and residents were delighted that their work was going to be exhibited.

“Many visited the museum to see the display. We could have sold all of the items many times over, as visitors were so impressed, but they are all unique and not for sale.”

Joyce Baxtrum, a resident at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, said: “I can’t believe that my work is good enough to be exhibited.”

Resident Bill Vasey added: “I was worried that people would laugh at my mosaic face but visitors were really impressed we used iPads to create them.”

Tina Temple, home manager at Hazelgrove Court Care Home, said: “It was fantastic to see the output from various activities all displayed in one place and being enjoyed by visitors.

“The NAPA Year of the Arts is a great initiative to encourage people living in care settings to connect with the arts, as they bring pleasure and meaningful engagement.

“We will, of course, continue to run activities that encourage our residents to explore their creative sides.

“This includes more than sitting down to paint a picture, but encompasses music, writing, baking, gardening and any other interests residents have.”